Sunday, May 04, 2008

U me aur hum

The recipe for making a good bollywood movie is to take a good non-bollywood movie - extract the concept and put in the normal bollywood masala - emotion, action, drama.

Bingo, thats how we got "U me aur hum" and "Shaurya". Well, but i am not going to talk about shourya here. Shourya was a exact - word to word copy of "A few good men". Whereas "U me aur hum" extracts the concept and weaves a story around it.

If any of you would have seen The Notebook, you would realize the similarity in concept between both of them.

The story is the same - an old man tells a story to a old women. The story is a simple "Boy meet girl" story where boy loves the girl very much and would do anything to stay with her. The girl developes an illness whereby she loses her memory for short spans of time. And since the boy loves the girl very much - he stays with the girl - even when the girl forgets that he is her husband/lover. And the climax tells that the touching story is of these two people.

The notebook was much better. It actually made me cry. And i rarely cry at movies. Whereas U me aur hum was emotional but heavy. It takes you to the brink of emotional overflow (crying) but does not make you cry. Which is why you may feel heavy after the movie. The Notebook on the other hand makes you emotional and then takes you through. It does not stop you from crying.

I am sorry, if this review feels more like a comparison. But i couldn't stop myself from comparing both of them.

The script is good. The acting is superb by both Ajay Devgun and Kajol. There are scenes which would touch you. Cinematography is very good. First half is fun filled. And the second half is the main film - emotional and touching.

Watch it with your spouse, it should make the bonds stronger.

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