Monday, May 19, 2008

The forbidden kingdom

Another jackie chan movie. And this time jet li is in it too. And then there is this sweet girl Liu Yifei (difficult to spell though). Jackie chan movies are always full of fun and kung-fu.

The story revolves around a young american kid who is a fan of kung-fu and watches tons of chinese kung-fu movies. He sees a golden staff in the pawn shop w
here he gets his movies from and is drawn to ancient china where he is the saviour who has to return the staff to the monkey king to save the kingdom from t
he evil warlord. The ancient chinese world is full of immortals. And he sees this sweet girl and falls for her. Jackie chan plays the part of a drunk and jet li the part of a silent monk.

A totally imaginary story. If you would have followed the recent movies from jackie chan - the Myth and some others (i dont remember the names). But in all
these movies there is this stuff about ancient chinese civilizations, transportation of other worlds and a relic of huge importance and power that has to be saved from evil.

Though it does make the stories interesting but they still tend to be repetative. I liked the movie. I generally like movies with kung-fu and sweet girls. It is worth a watch

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