Monday, May 12, 2008

The Iron Man

Yup, another super hero movie. And though you would be tired of superhero movies by now and you would not want to see another super hero movie, you would still go and watch this movie. I am not telling you to watch the movie. It is just that your inner self would not allow you to rest until you have watched the movie.

So what do we have here. Yes there is Tony Stark, a man who does not care for anything or anybody. He gets captured in Afghanistan by some very bad Afghanistanis who want him to prepare some missiles for them. And Tony makes an iron man of himself to get out of there. He escapes and realizes the power that an Iron Man could give him to fight against evil and save innocent lives. And then he makes a very advanced iron man and uses it to save the people in Afghanistan from those bad Afghanistanis.

The concept is the same - good against evil. The creation of another super hero. Which is all crap.

The good thing is all the technical stuff shown. A bit of comedy. And the action ofcourse - the special effects. And these are the things that you would want to watch in the movie.

That was the reason why i went to see the movie.

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