Thursday, February 07, 2008


Remember the days when you used to play mario on your pc or pacman? You used to love it. Or maybe Quake, warcraft? What was the first game you ever played or which game did you like the most...

Well, i used to love playing quake-II, when i was in college. I could not afford a 3D graphics card and had a Pentium 166Mhz cpu with MMX technology. Quake-II used to run fine on it. So, i used to love it.

Recently, i got a XBOX-360. And i could see that games have moved a lot ahead of where it was then. It is not all about shooting or about role playing.

The first game i played on it was Halo-3. Supposed to be the top game on And it was good. It was mostly about shooting - missions and how to accomplish them. The story was good and i did feel a part of the story. The main thing was that it made me feel different. The visuals were amazing.

Gaming has evolved to the next level. Where you have a character, you make decisions which affect your gameplay. You have power. And gaming online has its own benefits. You can form a group and pursue the same target, or fight against each other.

Recently, i got Mass Effect, another cool game. Where you talk to people, discover their secrets. You can be rude if you want to be or passionate. People smile and react to your actions. The decisions you make changes the path of the game.

Another game, for which i am looking forward is Bioshock. People who have played it say that they felt scared and confused. It is supposed to be the best game in terms of story line, music and weapons.

And ofcourse, racing games like burnout paradise make you put all your daily traffic frustrations in the game and calm down. You can run over people, bang cars and blow cars.

It is just that the games currently are very expensive. It should get more and more cheaper...

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