Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Comparing delhi to baroda

As soon as you step down from the train in vadodara, you find that the station is comparatively neat and clean. And there are lesser people on the station.

Step out from the station and you find an auto charging you only 25/- rs to take you home. Well, you think, in delhi, the autowala wont even look at me if i say 25/- rs to him.

The distance from station to home is almost traffic free - even during the peak hours. In fact, no one has heard of even a 10 minute traffic jam. There are no traffic jams. Wow you say. You roam around and you find that reaching any place in baroda is not a big job. Nothing is too far off. If you travel for an hour you can cover almost the whole of baroda. You save all the travel time. Going to nearby grocery store is 5 min job. Going to the nearby mall is 10 min job and going to the nearby movie hall is 15 min job and going to the nearby maruti service station is a 2 minute job. Your gym is nearby. And you also have a big swimming pool 5 minutes away. Much cleaner than those in delhi.

So what you would say. Delhi has big malls and reliance fresh, pvr. What? Havnt you heard about the pvr and inox in baroda. Or adlabs. They are all here. There are huge shopping malls here too. And you have the street market too which is damn cheap. In fact you would be shocked to see that the shopping malls in baroda provide such discounts that the price comes down to that of the street markets of delhi. Cool and most of the products are branded.

So, you save on your travelling time. The people are friendly - cause they have time. You get up at 8:30 and leave for office at 9:30 And you are in office by 9:45. There is no rush. For the price of a 2 bed room flat in remote location in delhi, you would get a 4 bedroom tennament with private lawn and parking in the best locality in baroda.

You leave office at 6:15 and are home by max 6:30. You have time to talk to your friends and relatives. You make social visits. If you fill up 1000/- worth of petrol in your car and use your car daily, your petrol would last for the whole of the month. Wow - great savings on petrol. There is traffic police in almost all the places. And if you talk to them, you would find that they are friendlier and a lot less corrupt. They would give you a receipt for a fine you pay. And they do not demand a bribe.

Then why am i in delhi? Cause i get paid well there. Well, maybe i could move to baroda if i get paid half of what i am getting paid in delhi.

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Anonymous said...

Baroda rocks!