Sunday, April 02, 2006

Work Work Work ...

Have been working straight for 4 days... getting only 2-4 hours of sleep in the night.

Well, i am a hard worker, but not that hard. Now the question comes, what is the urgency for this hard work. And i would say, buddy, it is a difficult to maintain the product on which i am working. People call it RESDEX. Short form for "Resume Database Access". We have more than 55 lakh profiles as of today. And it is my job to ensure that everything works without any problem. Providing a search on such a huge database, and getting results in matter of seconds is a difficult task.

What the user sees is a search form (well actually 4 search forms). Which is the tip of the iceberg. What i have to see is the complete iceberg. And it is a big iceberg. Like my collegue says - "Har click ki alag kahani hai" (Every click has its own story).

This is the first time i am talking about my work over here. Though all i do is work and work. Actually i have done things in my life which i am proud of. Building system architecture block by block is something which is really very exciting.

Earlier i used to work for an organization named 3di systems. I worked on lots of projects over there, but my major contribution was in handling the website named as And it was an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) website. Logic for the website was - in theoretical terms - a binary tree. To explain in layman terms, each user registered with the website had to pay a certain amount to get himself activated. And once activated, he had to work on getting active people below him. Each user can have at most one person on left and one on right. The tree used to look something like this

/ / L R
\ /\
\ / LR RL RR

And the site used to work as - if R is active and both RL & RR are active then some percentage of the activation fees used to be passed to R. So Root would get percentage of activation money from L, R, LR, RL, RR, RLL, if all of them are active. There used to be weekly calculations to extract the amount payble for all active users.

The owner of the site used to make money by taking what was remaining from giving out the percentages to eligible active people.

When i joined the project, there were 5000 users and the amount calculation time was 11 hours. The site was pathetically slow. And then I Joined. Moved the complete binary tree to a doubly linked list in memory. Everything became cool. Calculations that used to take 11 hours were done in 30 minutes. WOW!!

And then after 1 year of working with the site, i left the organization. When i left, the no of users were 50,000 and the weekly calculation time was 4 hours. Boy!! the code i wrote and how i handled the application architecture. The ideas that used to flow from me. I was good. And i am proud of myself.

And after that i joined Naukri. And worked over here. Handled servers, built up lots of applications. And finally got into resdex. The Baap of all applications. RESDEX started off with i dont remember how much, but we hit a bottleneck at 10 Lakh cvs. When we shifted the architecture to something better. I still remember the date. It was 11th june 2004. Things stabilized. And we kept on adding more features and cvs to the product. The product is going stable. But there is always a fear of what would happen once the number reaches something like 100 lakh. How will we be providing a search on such a large database.

Challenges are unlimited. And step by step evolution is the only way to adapt to them.

Cool yaar...

And currently i am just adding one more block to the architecture...
And it is a bit heavy block. Well all blocks are heavy... Right!!.

Wish that everything goes right and i get to sleep on Monday...

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