Sunday, April 30, 2006

some realizations...

These were some of the realizations that i had when i fell down with jaundice on september 2005. It is actually copy pasted from here. I have modified some according to what i felt.

1) home rocks!! specially when one falls ill!!
2) falling ill is a good time to figure out who are the people who really care for you.
3) the world is not gonna stop running, just coz i ain't not participating right now.
4) there is no right or wrong decision..decisions seem right at the right time.
5) life may not work out the way I envision it, but it does work out.
6) negative emotions are just passing and not reality. don't act on them!!
7) 'woh lamhe' from 'zehar' still rocks, even though aashique banaaya is hot!
8) never try to get in touch with old flames..the flame is out..accept it!!. Some people move on faster than other people. Though the original author says that men move on faster, but i feel that it is just a matter of who is better at "letting go" first. It can be either.
9) you get to know a lot of gud and caring friends when you fall ill.

It was a bad experience, my jaundice period. I had a relapse and the jaundice extended to a 3 month bed rest and torture. Anyways... some day down the time line, i might write down about how i fell ill, what i felt, and how things changed while i stood static.

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Anonymous said...

I also experienced similar emotions when I was sufferin from jaundice (the same time u were ...) Those were my best learnin dayz. Zindagi un palo main bahot kuch sikha gayi. I actually felt that "death" from very near.