Saturday, August 08, 2009

Why should we watch movies at home

  • Because movies@home are free - thanks to piracy

  • You do not have to adjust your schedule according to the movie timings. The movie timings adjusts to your schedule

  • You do not have to drive all the way to the movie hall

  • You do not have to search for parking and even pay for it

  • You do not have to stand in queue for tickets

  • In case you had not booked the tickets in advance, you do not have to get disappointed because the tickets are not available

  • You do not have to stand in queue for entry and get frisked by the guard

  • You do not have to wait outside the movie hall - in heat and croud and without a place to sit

  • You do not have to walk slowly with the crowd and take your seats - seats which were previously occupied by someone else - who had left popcorn and god knows what else on it

  • You do not have to pay for popcorn - which might not be good. Home made popcorns are really good

  • At home you do not have to watch the complete movie if it is crap.

  • You can leave the movie incomplete - and still feel no guilt about it - cause it was free

  • You can fast-forward the crappy scenes and time-pass songs. You don't have to bear them if you do not want to.

  • And you can pause the movie if you need to attend a nature's call. You do not have to wait for an interval to attend nature's call or risk missing an important scene.

  • And eventually you can avoid swine flu - by avoiding contact with so many people at the movie hall

  • And also save yourself from any terrorist attack - which cannot happen at your home

I am still unsure why people go to halls to watch movies. Today's halls have screens which resemble a huge LCD TV. In the past the halls had the charm of huge screens and balcony seats. It made more sense to watch movies at movie halls at those times.

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