Wednesday, October 01, 2008

road rage

I have driven for hours in delhi. I have driven from noida to gurgaon in very heavy traffic which took me 3 hours to reach. Sometimes, it really becomes troublesome when you have a nature's call and you cannot do anything about it. At most of the places where jams are frequent, you could see vendors selling water and other stuff to eat. But there are no public toilets nearby.

Now-a-days, all cycle walas and rickshaw walas think that they are shahrukh khan. They ride in the middle of the road and try to over take your car, cutting in front of you - as if they are invincible. People on bike also believe that they are GOD. They think, they can jump red lights without getting into any accidents and ride in the middle of the road at a constant speed of 30 kmph - turning a deaf ear to your honking and not allowing you to overtake. And the best part is when you see circus like acts on the road with 3 people on a cycle or 3 people on a small bike. I sometimes feel mercy for the overloaded vehicles. And even think whether the people who had designed the engine of the bike had taken such situations into consideration.

This attitude does lead to some frustration. After driving for an hour to cover a 20 minute distance, trying to protect these people inspite of their own carelessness, you tend to get exhausted. And you also have to protect yourself from the buses which keep on zooming from
left and right both in wrong direction and right direction. What amazes me about these busses is how they drive by you with only 2 inches to spare between your vehicle and the bus, at full speed and still it misses you. Arent the bus drivers extremely talented.

And finally cows & dogs on the road. They would just stand there confused about where to go and what to do. The municipal corporation does not try to remove them from the road. Who cares, people would simply go around them.

And ofcourse, the most famous of all these are the tampos. Yup the green colored tampos which have CNG written on their back and still throw out tons and tons of black smoke. They are heavily overloaded and keep on ferrying people between points A & B. They dont go beyond 20 kmph and they always move in the middle of the road, so that all the traffic stay behind them. They always stop in the middle of the road and just at a crossing, so that they could create jams and make people acknowledge their importance by their honking.

When people encounter these situations, and are unable to arrive at a compromise, they simply blow up. Why should they care for people who do not care for themselves?

If i would have had a jeannie, i would have wished that it taught the people on the road to have more road sense.

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Jithin R. J. said...

its easy to grab attention on road for all the wrong reasons...also its difficult to change the way people drive on indian roads in one day...remember..evryone is not jayant kumar when it comes to driving...