Sunday, January 14, 2007


Guru, another movie my mani ratnam. Saw it just today. A nice movie. Good direction, good action and a good story.

It is about abhishek - guru, who has dreams to become rich. To become famous, to make something out of his life. And how he does it. All the difficulties he faces. And finally how he builds up his business.

He marries aish just for the sake of money, but later falls in love with her. How he fights the government and still wins the fight.

The movie motivates you, makes you feel that you should also do something with your life.

In terms of acting, abhishek shines. The performance he has given - the power, the personality he has shown makes him glow throughout the moive. Mithunda has played a very descent role.

The movie is worth at least a watch.

Rating: 4/5

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Kapil Chhabra said...

Even I liked the movie.
there was a scene i did not understand. can you tell me what happened when Guru went to meet the minister? what did he tell him?