Thursday, September 28, 2006


Yes python. No, I am not refering to the snake, I am refering to the programming language "python". OOPS!!! Sorry for the confusion.

Python is an interpreted, interactive and object oriented programming language. Often compared to perl, java, ruby etc. As per, python was created by some dude named "Guido van Rossum" in 1990. It uses automatic memory management and is a High level language. Oooh.. And python is hot... Why?? Cause it has a very clean syntax and is easy to use and packs a lot of power inside it... Thats why, i think so... So lets get some tits and bits about python...

But before i start, just check out, the official website of python software foundation the creators and maintainers of python.

The thing which will strike you at the start is the way indentation is important in python. Python groups sentenses on the basis of how it is indented. So i would write a for loop as follows

>>> arr = ['a1','b2','c3','d4','e5','f6'] # defining the array
>>> for x in arr: # starting the for loop
>>> print x # print the element and its length
>>> print len(x)
>>> print 'end' # print end the for loop. Indentation says for loop is over

The best thing i like about this is that developers would automatically indent their code making it good to look at - ummm beautiful may be the right word.

python has a nice set of string operators and regular expressions. You can create and iterate over a range very nicely, write functions, create stacks and queues, do file handling and exception handling. You have complete java style - try->catch level exception handling. And ofcourse you can create classes. Serialize and store objects in file very easily and then restore the objects later. Also there are lots of extensions available which would allow you to interact with the net, create threads, do data compression and decompression. control garbage collection.

Wooo, and the main thing is that all this is possible with very easy and clean syntax . I have seen small and large - in fact very large programs being written in python. And maybe sometime down in future python would replace perl for small programs.

You have got to try it out to see the power of python...

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