Monday, March 07, 2011

An encounter with Dominos

I have been ordering dominos pizza since ages - my favourite - mexican green wave - cheese burst. This is the first time that Dominos created an environment where i needed to write a blog to express.

At 8:37 today (7-3-2011) i placed an order for mexican green wave - cheese burst. Order no 140 at the Dominos outlet at sector 12, vasundra, Ghaziabad. The pizza was delivered in exactly 30 minutes at 21:15 - as expected.

What i did not expect was the quality of the pizza. A cheese burst without any cheese. The pizza was supposed to be our "finishing up" of diner. Everyone took a slice. As soon as i took a bite i realized that there was something missing - CHEESE. The pizza did not have any cheese in it.

Immediately i called up dominos and told them that they had messed up my order by providing a pizza without any cheese. Dominos promptly apologised and told me that they would send in a replacement pizza. We waited.

The second pizza arrived at 21:45. I handed over the earlier pizza and asked the delivery boy to check the cheese. His judgement was "there is a little less cheese than expected". I said that I have been eating cheese burst since last 3 years. Cheese burst means that cheese should be dripping out of the pizza. If there is no cheese dripping out of the pizza - it is not cheese burst.

At this juncture, I opened up the replacement pizza to check the quantity of cheese in it. And I was surprised. The replacement order was not "mexican green wave" but it was "spicy chicken". It seems that they had some left over pizza which they wanted to hand me over as replacement. A non-veg pizza as replacement for a veg pizza.

The delivery boy says - sir do you eat non-veg? What is the point of going to a restaurant and ordering your choice of food - if you do not get it? If you order "kadhai paneer" and you are provided "kadhai chicken" instead - would you eat it? What happened to my order? Or am i supposed to eat left-overs from Dominos - even after paying for it?

Finally the delivery boy himself placed a replacement order for "mexican green wave - cheese burst". Another replacement order. This time I had the notion that I would be eating anything that I get.

Dominos can keep on making replacement orders and delivering them, but my stomach cannot sustain its hunger till dominos gets my order right. Finally the 3rd pizza arrived at 10:10 pm. This time a cheese burst - with dripping cheese.

The moral of the story is that you should

1. Always check the order that you get from dominos
2. Hand over the money only if the order is right and complete.
3. In case the order is wrong, cancel it and cook some maggi - instead of waiting for dominos to get your order right.


Anonymous said...

On one fine Sunday evening I ordered a custom pizza so finely scrumptious by my toppings-taste, only to not have received it because the delivery person went missing with it, and being denied a second try because of 'lack of delivery boys'.

I do not know what it was - the pizza smelling delicious after being prepared, the person having a ditto taste, or just a case of 'salary or pizza'. That Sunday wasn't so fine, anymore.

Anonymous said...

This is not uncommon. Many a times, I've receive anything but what I ordered so sumptuously. Alas !!

Megha said...

Very true :) .. I agree with the Moral of the Story :p