Monday, December 15, 2008

google chrome on linux

So, you visit every other day with the hope that there would be version of chrome for linux out. And everytime you see the "For Windows Vista/XP only", you feel jealous of windows users and you want to ask google guys why they came out with "chrome for windows" before "chrome for linux".

Though, we still do not have any official version of chrome for linux, i looked around and found 2 ways of installing chrome on linux. It is possible using wine.

1 way gives you a complete geeky way of doing it. You can find it here : But it did not work on my system. Some problem with ALSA it said.

So i looked again and again and found out something known as crossover chromium. You can find it here It provides pre-compiled binaries for installation on your system.

Basically the guys at codeweavers had taken up some developer build 21 of chrome from google and ported it on linux using wine. It would not update itself. But if you are able to install the "geeky" way, then chrome might update itself. Basically something to feel a bit satisfied till you get the "google chrome for linux" official version

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