Wednesday, July 18, 2007

bike VS car

This is just something that i want to write. It has been there in my mind for quite some time now.

People tell me that i should always travel by car. And people want to buy a car more than they want to buy a bike. It is more of a status symbol. And my friends say that they use a car cause they believe that it is safer than a bike in high traffic area like delhi.

I own both a car and a bike. My car resides at its place almost 5 days a week and i take it out only on week ends - for "leisure" driving. Though there is so much traffic in delhi that there is no "leisure" driving option available here. I always land up in a traffic jam. And spend hours honking, shifting gears and moving slowly in bumper to bumper traffic - always concerned whether someone would scratch or dent my car.

Here comes my bike to the rescue. Just a kick and twist of throttle and i can wriggle between all the cars. without being concerned whether anyone would scratch my bike. There is not enough stuff to scratch here. Though i despise people who if possible would bodily push you to one side and drive out. They dont care a damn about their bike and would try to wriggle even from the smallest hole available. These are the people who scratch cars and cause fights on the road.

Well, in addition to this, a bike also gives me the advantage of driving though even the narrowest lanes in delhi. And if i see a jam ahead, i can turn left or right and take another path without worrying too much.

Though a car ensures safety to the driver and passenger from the killer busses of delhi. But for short distances, i would prefer a bike rather than a car. And ofcourse for long distances, car seems better. I wish i could get bikes with AC at cheaper costs in india.

But that's not all. The pleasure of riding a bike is much more than that of driving a car. You feel free when you drive a bike. Closer to nature. As some one has said "Only a dog knows why it keeps its face out of the car window". You could never get that feel when you are driving your car. And it also adds to style. Get a bullet and modify it. Add some paint work. And you have a bike like none other.

Yes, i love my bike and i would prefer to ride my bike rather than drive my car in delhi.

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Jithin R. J. said...

jayant it depends on personal taste whether u like bike or i right? being in delhi, i think u like bike more than a car..