Thursday, January 11, 2007

good morning

So how do you start your day... with a strong coffee...
How do you greet people "Gud morning..." or "Kya haal hai" or "How are you??..."

And what reply do you get? Well, a descent good morning in return or "Bus badhia" or "I m fine".

And that ends the morning conversation.

What about other conversations? How do they generally go? Well take a situation... Two friends F1 & F2 who have met after a long time... How would the conversation go??

F1: Hey F2, long time buddy? How have you been?
F2: Hey, I am fine yaar? U tell where have you been?
F1: Well here and there doing this and that. What about you?
F2: Well, I have also been a bit of there and a bit of there and done somewhat of this and somewhat of that.
F1: So how is family?
F2: Fine, everybody is going great? And how are uncle and aunty?
F1: Well, they are great. They remember you some times?

Sorry to interrupt here, but this is where the conversation ends. And now both of them have nothing to talk about. Still they would keep pinging each other

F2: Aur what else?
F1: Bus yaar chal raha hai? Tu bata...
F2: Bus yaar kat rahi hai...

Here, there would be a bit of bitching about their lifes and their relations. And about their jobs and their companies. And then they would go on "Blah blah..."

F1: Aur bata
F2: Bus yaar
F1: Aur tu bata
F2: Bus yaar...

This goes on and on... till the two friends part...

So, here you see how the conversation goes on between two friends. And you can feel the lack of topics to discuss. This is because of the mundane life we have been living. Going to work every morning and coming from work every night tired and then sleeping. And on weekends just relaxing and sleeping or watching a movie in some mall. Thats our everyday life. We need to change it. We need something different to do, something regarding which we can talk about...

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