Friday, July 07, 2006


Finally got some way of connecting other blogs to my site. Editing the template every time i want to add some blog to my site is a very tedious job...

blogrolling is cool.

The "i am online" link from yahoo is a bit buggy though. Shows me online even at times when i am NOT. Seems that yahoo is having problems with its database/messaging systems.

Clustermaps is also cool. Lots of people who visit me are from india, europe and North America. Good to know where i am getting fame. Will have to plan my celebrity trip accordingly ;-). though gives no control on spam. People just write down anything in it. It should have a image verification process...

Anyways, i think i have got an almost perfect site.

Still missing something which gives referral details. Like from which site, people got links to my site. Will need to plan my advertising strategy accordingly ;-).

Searcing for more stuff ....

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