Monday, May 08, 2006

The best book i have read...

I have read many books till now. Lots and lots. Started off in my 5th standard with lots of "famous 5's" and then in my high school days went to "hardy boys" and "nancy drew" and "the three investigators - alfred hitchcock". I started off with "hardy boys" in my 8th and by 9th the library was out of "hardy boys" i have not read. I used to read 2 books in a weeks time. Loads of stuff. People used to call me a book worm.

By 10th, i left reading books. Too much of studies and tutions. And no new books coming up. Soo, i did good in both my 10th an 12th. Went to college and had a great college life. Then in my 3rd year, i was again introduced to the pleaseures of reading. Got "10 commandments - john grasim" by one of my friends. And finished it fast. From then onwards there has been no pause in my reading.

Read lots of books which i got from Almost 95% of them were classics. Some of the titles i remember are "Journey to the core of the earth", "sherlock holmes" - the complete series, "Tarzan" original complete series - a very good book, "The Time machine" and other books by the same author. The one i liked the most is a book named "A woman in white". Great book about revenge.

I like fiction. I have tried reading some non-fiction stuff. But was never successful in staying awake while reading. The only non-fiction stuff i was able to complete was "a train from pakistan". In fiction also i like reading science-fiction, adventure and horror-thriller types. When i am reading a book, i prefer to get detached from the world. Be in an imaginary world of my own, where impossible things happen. Thats what i prefer.

Then i laned in a job in delhi. And used to spend gathering books by "sidney sheldon", "robin cook", "stephen king", "robert ludlum", "patricia cronwell", "john grisham" and some other random authors. I got tired of "sidney sheldon" very soon. Medical thrillers by "robin cook" still seem good. But the most exciting are stories by "stephen king". He seems to write horror in a very normal way. The stories by him are normal in a way and abnormal in a way. It strikes.

I have been lucky to go thru the "harry potter" series by "J K Rowling". The first 6 books are great. By the way, there are 2 versions of the 5th and 6th book. I hope i have gone thru the right one. And am eagerly waiting for the 7th book, which is supposed to be the final one.

To return back to the topic, the best book i have read is "The Dark Tower" by Stephen King. There is no other book which can beat this one according to me. He starts off with the first book "The gunslinger" where he introduces "the hero" of the story, the last gunslinger and how he is seeking The Dark Tower. The first book is the most boring one. There is nothing there except travelling. It may dishearten you from reading the other books. It did dishearten me. But i was free and there was nothing else to read, so i continued with book 2 "The Drawing Of The Three". This is where the actual story, the quest and the will to "save the dark tower" and hence the world starts. With each book, the author has introduced new ideas and imaginations and made the previous one general. He introduces time travelling, high end magic, hi-tech machinery with artificial intelligence - so much advanced that it seems to be more like machines controlling the future of human beings, lost civilization and vampires, warewolves and draculas. Each book takes the reader to a new level of imagination and thrill. As the author moves thru "book 3: The Waste Lands", "book 4: Wizard And Glass". "book 5: The Wolves Of Calla", "book 6: Song of Susannah" and finally "book 7: The Dark Tower", you feel like you cannot stop reading. You are totally engrossed, and there is continuous thought about what will happen next.

The book to me seems to be the god of "Harry potter", "Matrix", "Lord of the rings". Lots of stephen king books have been converted into movies. I just hope this one also gets converted to one - no a series of movies somewhat similar to the harry potter series.

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