Sunday, March 05, 2006

India and corrupion

I have been thinking for some time now about writing this blog. A view into the corruption in india. Everybody knows that there is corruption in india and to a major extent. It is something like built into the system. Where-ever you have to interact with government employees to get your work done you have to fill up some unwanted pockets, if you ever want your work done. Forget service, you dont even get anything near that from these people.

Where do i start from is what i am not clear about. Lets start from the top. It is seen in news papers, well to be clear... keeps on coming on and off. Some MP or people in high position in the government caught taking bribes. It is general knowledge that these things come out because certain people in media have not been bribed to keep it down. These news generally disappear from the papers once all connection people have been bribed properly.... thats india darling. Here people dont joing government organizations to serve the country, they join to launder money into their own pockets. God only knows how this country runs and develops with such high levels of corruption.

Well my introduction with corruption happened when i was in college and my folks tried to get me a passport. For verification i had to go to the local police station and present myself. My dad who accompanied me to the police station, gave me a 20 and a 50 telling me to show the 20 first and then give the 50, if the policeman is not convinced by the 20. Well the inspector asked me lots of stupid questions and finally told me directly "Do you think you can get your passport without paying anything over here". I showed him a 20. And he said "u will be going out of india, earning lots of money. Give us some more." Well anyways, he was satisfied by a 50.

Since i have been in delhi and driving, i have got a few surprises over here as well. Firstly the "system" states that you cannot purchase a vehicle unless you have a residence proof. Who gives residence/rent proofs to tenants in delhi. If these proofs are given, corresponding taxes will have to be given. So well, i never had a residence proof. Still i managed to purchase 2 bikes. "Thanks to the system".

Another thing that i came across in delhi is the fact that it is really easy to bribe a traffic cop. They stand at red lights and catch u for almost anything small. Or you may not be carrying all the papers. All you have to do is plead a little and then offer him 50 rs. Only once i had to offer 100 rs. The mentality seems like -> I am down on money today, lets stand on a red light and get some money... Well they also balance their earnings nicely, so you may find 3-5 out of the 50 they have caught being given a ticket and then these people might have to go to the nearby police station to get their licence back which the policemen took.

The common man generally interacts with this type of corruption.

Corruption at high levels was brought into view in "Rang de basanti" in a very nice way. The point is that we will have to change the system, somehow. Where and how to start is the biggest question. We will have to think about this country. Lots of educated and sophesticated people are moving out of this country due to this only.

Lets see what happens. Where we go from here...


Anonymous said...

Why dont you start from yourself? Why dont you decide that you will never bribe anyone at least as far as you can efford. like not watching movie in black. not giving bribe to ticket collector in railways and not giving bribe to petty traffic hawaldar.

gamegeek said...

I have already stopped watching movies in black. And i dont give bribe to TC in railways. I also try not to bribe the Traffic cops, but whenever i am travelling and am caught, the cop has hours to bug you and can do anything whereas i am in a hurry and so have to give in.

Maybe some day, i will fight for that also...

Anonymous said...


It would be nice if we start from our self.if we try to rectify our mistakes like trying and fighting against taking bribes.It may not be in big things but in our every day life then I think for sure not only India but even the World will be free from corruption noe day