Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rang De Basanti - the next gen patriotism movie

Went 2 see RDB last sunday. 10:30 pm show - the last show at PVR Spice... PVR spice is just walking distance from our rented acco in sector 12 Noida. Sorry for the delay in this post. Shud have posted it last sunday itself. But got stuck up in work sooooo...

The movie is very good. Songs are wonderful.

Movie starts off with sue trying to make a movie of Bhagat singh and legendary patriotics of india. And which is why she comes to india. Where she meets Amir khan and his gang of guys. Gets to interact with them and sees the current scenario of independent india and corruption in india. Gets to see the view of current generation about india. How the current generation tries to move out from india to developed countries. And during the course of acting in the movie, they come to know the sacrifices done for the independence of india. The movie is full of friendly scenes and fun between friends. You keep on smiling and laughing during this part of movie.

The actual movie starts off after about 1:30 hrs or so... When soha's fiancee madhavan is killed in a flight crash and nothing is done by the government. This brings into view the corruption in the country's defence department. Aamir and his friends try to fight it and die for it but are successful in igniting a fire in the current generation to fight the corruption.

This movie actually tries to make a move to change the current system in india. Hope it does make some changes. At least lets start from somewhere. Every begining has an end.

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