Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yes, i have GTA 4. I have been playing on xbox for some time. Halo 3 was good. Awesome visuals - though my TV is not a HDTV and is just 20 inches - around 6 years old cheap one. But still the thrill of playing Halo 3, watching the visuals was good.

Mass Effect was still better. The amount of information associated with each character. How each character reacts to which situation. The power to choose between two different decisions. It was good in its own way.

And now it is GTA 4. I had played the original gta which was a 2d game on my home pc. But that time i was in college and the game was a simple demo. So, though i enjoyed it a lot, but still i wanted more. But, at that time purchasing a game was like a throwing money away. So, i simply enjoyed the 15 minute demo version of GTA.

And then on this sunday, i got the GTA-IV to run on my xbox. I was looking for Gears Of War. But it was not available. The shop keeper instead shoved a GTA-4 under my nose. And i was surprised to see a copy of the most wanted game available so easily. I jumped on it. Checked the seals to ensure that it was orignial and then got it for a hefty 2500/-. That is 2 months salary to my maid. Or 20-25 movies. Or a 80 GB HDD. And instead i spent so much on a single DVD of game.

Anyways, playing GTA is a good experience. In addition to stealing cars and beating up people for money, i could call and fix up meetings and dates with my friend and girl-friend. I could go to strip clubs and play pool. I could go on the internet inside GTA and search for information online. It is like a city where i could do whatever i want.

I have just completed 3-4 missions and am looking forward to more time to spend on it.

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