Wednesday, September 05, 2007

legends cannot be remade

Yup thats true. You cannot remake legends. The originals are still the best. Why am i saying this? Well, recently i had a chance to watch the recently remade bollywood legend "sholay" - "Ram Gopal Verma ki AAG".

There has been remixes of all types of classic old songs. And remix videos with all "beautiful" gals dancing here and there. And yes upto some extent i tend to like them. But i cant hear them for ever. I can hear those remixes for some time. But the original songs are still the best and can be heard again and again.

There was the remake of the bollywood and amitabh bacchan classic - "DON" starring shah rukh khan. And it was not that good. The remake had one good quality that in the new version of "DON" - bad wins over good as opposed to the original version where good wins over bad. So though the movie was not that good the climax saved the movie and it did make some news. People liked it.

But then, what is wrong with "AAG"? Let me put it this way - it is a terrible mix of old and new. The movie is simply a very bad version for sholay. You cannot replace "Gabbar Singh" with "Babban" or "Thakur" with "mohanlal" or "Veeru" with "Heero" or "Jai" with "Raj" or "Basanti" with "Ghungroo" or "Dhanno" with "Laila". The original characters and their names were the best suited. Babban and mohanlal does not ring at all. Nor could you modernize the dialogues

Orignial - "Kitne Admi the?"
Remake - "Kitne ... Kitne"

It just does not ring. The final fight sequence is also very sick. And the mix of original sound track with modern sound track during the final fight sequence makes things terrible. You cannot remove thakur's fingers instead of his hand. And of course the thakur has to kill gabbar with his special shoes (with nails) rather than kill him with an axe or whatever...

Earlier bollywood movies used to be remakes of origial hollywood movies. Like the recently hit "Partner" was a remake of "Hitch". Though i enjoyed the orignial hollywood movie a lot more than the remake. But it still did make sense for those audience who do not watch or do not understand the hollywood movie/culture/language. But remake of a hindi original does not make sense at all.

It seems that the bollywood directors and producers and script writters have run out of new and fresh ideas and have also run out of more hollywood movies to remake. Though there a lot of hollywood moives which could be remade still... Or maybe, they are just tired of remaking hollywood movies.

Hope that "Victoria No 203" remake is better... Will watch it soon.

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