Sunday, July 23, 2006

why?? why??

  • Why are people jealous of each other?

  • Why do people have an ego?

  • Why do people have an attitude?

  • Why can't people consider each other as equal?

  • Why are there caste restrictions?

  • Why is a girl child not considered as equal to a boy child?

  • Why is there more than 50% reservation for SC/ST/OBC people?

  • Why do we give and take dowery?

  • Why are most of the cops corrupt?

  • Why is there crime in society?

  • Why can't we simple admire beauty without tampering with it?

  • Why are we possessive of the ones we love?

  • Why do terrorists kill innocent people?

  • Why do we fight with a rickshaw wala for Rs 2/- while we spend 150/- on a movie without a word of protest?

  • Why are people emotional?

  • Why do some relations break?

  • Why is love painful?

  • Why do girls mostly answer "I used to think of you only as a friend" OR "I never had such thoughts about you" when you propose her?

  • Why are there issues with property?

  • Why cant we simply take what is ours and let others have what is theirs?

  • Why do we have to tip the waiter always?

  • Why cant we do what we love to do?

  • Why do people steal what is not theirs?

  • Why do people kill?

  • Why do people rape?

  • Why are homo sapiens self destructive?

  • Why is it difficult to let go of someone you love?

  • Why do we fall in love?

  • Why is there a censor board in a democratic country?

  • Why is there still illetracy in India?

  • Why do i like India but still hate it?

  • Why do we fight with someone we love?

  • Why is it that most of the times boys have to propose and be rejected?

  • Why cant girls propose?

  • Why are there love triangles?

  • Why are we afraid of the truth?

  • Why can't I simply be what i am no matter whatever the situation is?

  • Why is sholay still considered to be the best bollywood movie?

  • Why are some people fat and others thin?

  • Why are most of the girls cute?

  • Why is it difficult to live alone?

  • Why do we need to marry?

  • Why are people not ok with gay and lesbian relations?

  • Why cant everybody be in peace and happy?

  • Why is it difficult to live?

  • Why are we afraid of death?

No!!, this is not something i am writing under desperation or depression. I am as happy as a lark. Have been thinking about writing this for a long time... It is something i think is right but... whatever.......

Maybe this is how the world is, and, if everything would be right, there would be no challenges worth facing in life. These are the questions which i think should define life (a struggle) as it is. There are still lots of whys still left out.

And finally, why do i like my bullet so much...


Anonymous said...

You should listen to "Why" by Eurythmics(Annie Lennox) once.I dont know but i am reminded of that song while reading your post

Jithin R. J. said...

Why do people blog?