Sunday, February 12, 2006

Teaching activa to my room-mate

Firstly for some background. My room mate, his name is deepak has never driven a cycle. He used to ride a cycle when he was in 5th and after that, he has not driven any vehicle.

So when he wanted to get a 2 wheeler, he did not have any choice, but to get an ungeared scooter - activa.

To get an idea about how to drive in traffic - he got himself to learn driving "a car". So every day early in the morning around 7:30 he used to get up and go for car driving at 8 am. As everyone knows, getting up early in the morning is a very difficult task. ;-)

And finally after 1 week of car driving, he got an activa on 8th feb 2006. And got a helmet on 9th. And i began to teach him driving activa on 9th... We started out at around 10 pm. We have a petrol pump opposite to our home. So we filled up petrol from there and then he drove around in the petrol pump for around 45 minutes. Learning to balance and then take left and right turns. He could not do a U turn.

And then we started going around a block. We drove around the block 4-5 times at the speed 20. oooh.. that was 2 slow. And then we went for a long drive.

What happens is that if he takes a few left turns, he will forget how to take a right turn and vice versa. And the biggest fight is that he would not miss out even a singl e pothole. So if there is a pothole in the road, even if it is out of his way, he will go and drive his activa thru it. Oh... If a pothole comes in the way, then he will take a slight left, a slight right and finally pass thru the pothole.

So we explored every pot hole in noida till 2 in the morning. :))

And finally yesterday, after 2 days of learning, he took his activa to office. And just outside the office, he stuck a cycle. 3 men on the cycle fell down and created a scene. But nothing bad happened. No one got hurt and we did not have to pay the cyclewalas.

God save him.

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