Sunday, January 29, 2006

i love linux

I just love to work on linux. I have been working on linux since my 2nd year (1998) of college. And i still remember we started working on linux because we had Fortran in our college which was available for free in linux.

At that time, PCQuest had come out with their version of Red Hat Linux 5.0. That was my first encounter with linux. One of my friends offered his pc for R&D and we tried installing linux on his pc. Now a days there is a graphical installation option available. At that time only way to install was thru the text option. After struggling with it for some time, we were able to install linux on his pc. But could not get the video card to run. So all we had was the text mode where we ran fortran programs.

But after that i tried installing linux on my PC and after struggling with the video card for some time i was able to get the video card running on my pc. We had a SIS 6215 C video card at that time which was not detected by linux. I still remember how i had to configure the videocard using the command line configurator xf86config and then edit the config file to get the video card running.

Since then i have been working on and off with linux. Now i am working with and all their servers are on linux. The linux machines keep on running for years in a go without rebooting. I work with LAMP technologies and i really love it.

I have installed linux - fedora core 3 on the laptop i have, and below are a few screen shots from my linux desktop. I have seen different desktop environments for linux like KDE, Gnome, XFCE, Windowmanager, IceWM and lots more. But i prefer KDE. It somehow seems more stable though it is a bit slow at times. Kernel 2.6 is very good. Ensures smooth functioning of the I/O peripherals and explores the intel HT technology

Lets see what the future holds for linux.

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