Chevrolet Aveo ownership report

In 2006, when I was looking for a sedan to purchase, I had multiple options. Ford fiesta and hyundai verna were recently released. Honda city was selling like hot cakes. I was opting for either ford or hyundai. But then while discussing my options around, I came to know the chevrolet aveo was also there in the same segment and has some features which really impressed me – like the ground clearance and the engine performance. Surprisingly as per the maintenance figures shared by all three of them the chevy was coming out to be cheaper to maintain. So I went ahead and got it.

For 4 years, I was extremely happy with the car’s performance. I used to get good average of around 12-13 kmpl. Maintenance was every 5000 kms and it costed me only around 3000/- per service. The car was peppy and light to drive. My daily driving was around 30-40 kms, so it was much cheaper to maintain.

Then my first accident happened – I was standing still while a truck chewed through the driver side of my car. Driver side door and fender were totally damaged. When I went to the GM workshop, I could see the “smile” on their faces – which I was able to decrypt later. I got a quote of 60K from the GM workshop. I went to many other workshops, but they denied having parts for chevrolet cars. Finally I was able to find a workshop which did the repairing in around 20K – from which I had to pay around 10K.

This was the point where I should have realized that life would not be easy anymore with my aveo. The 25K service was very expensive – costed me around 15K. My shockers had leaked. I could not feel the difference in the ride quality but as per recommendation of GM, I got them changed. From then onwards, every service started costing 8-10K.

My driving went up from 30 km per day to 100 km per day. And I would finish off 5000 kms in less than 3 months. Another service would cost me 8-10K. So in addition to the rising petrol prices, I had to pay around 4K per month on the servicing of the car. The pervious shockers had a warranty of around 1 year and immediately after finishing 1 year the shockers gave away. Got them changed again – paying from my own pocket.

At 34K kms, the default goodyear tyres that came with the car gave away. Once I had 3 punchures on way to office on the same day. The next day, I took an off from office and got new tyres – again costed me 18K. Another hit was immediately after the 35K service. At around 37K, my batteries gave away. Interestingly there is a cut in the battery fitted in aveo, so only batteries from authorized workshops can be fitted. Also the complete computer would reset while fitting the battery and needs the authorization code to enable the car to be driven further. It is advanced technology but a pain. The battery which was normally costing around 6-7K in the market costed me 9K when I got it from the authorized workshop.

When my 40K service again costed me 10K for all the injector cleaning, oil change and other stuff, I decided to call it quits. I dumped the car at home and got another one for office commuting. Decided to go for a tata safari which is famous for some issues cropping up now and then. I thought that a chevy sitting at home which gets driven for around 200-300 kms in a month will be cheaper to maintain. But I was wrong.

After 41K kms, one fine day, I took the car to GM workshop with the problem that the car keeps on racing – engine RPM stays above 2000. They did a thorough cleanup of the car engine, charged me 7K for it and told me that the car’s ECM has gone bad. For those who are not aware of the ECM, it is the computer sitting inside the car and it controlls almost everything in the car including fuel, acceleration and other stuff. It is supposed to be very rugged and can withstand extreme dust and temperatures which is always the case inside the car. It is said that if the ECM goes bad the car should not start at all. Surprisingly my car was starting and rolling but was rolling very fast. 

They told me that it would cost another 30K to replace my ECM – as electronics are not covered in car insurance. I raised the problem with GM india on facebook and they told me to take the car back. This time they did not charge me again but did some thorough examination of the car and again told me that ECM has to be replaced. They offered me a discount of 1000 on labour charges. I was furious. A car which has been driven only for 41,000 kms can develop a bad ECM. Fortunately one of my friends knew a 3rd party agent who dealt in such stuff. I was able to get the car working in 18K with the agent’s help. And sold off the car as soon as it was healthy – before anything else goes wrong.

Today, in less than 2 years, my tata safari has done 40K kms. With service interval of 15K kms and service cost of around 5-6K it is a much cheaper car to maintain with lesser parts going bad.

The problem with GM cars is that they give you a happy feeling for the first 3 years with around 30-35,000 kms. After which the maintenance cost shoots up. After the free service from GM expires, and since there is no availability of parts in the market, you are solely dependent on the authorized service centers to cheat you or charge you whatever they like. And since the cars are not very reliable, the resale price is very less. After 5 years of driving a GM, you may realize that the money you spent in getting and maintaining the car was too much.

Ford also follows a similar structure where parts are not readily available outside the authorized service centers. But still the availability is much better than that of a GM. Also ford cars are more reliable. Hyundai, maruti, tata and mahindra can be easily maintained outside the authorized service centers. And they are much cheaper to maintain as parts and service centers are easily available.

But I would clearly stay away from GM and would advice the same.

Petrol car versus diesel car (part 2)

For the earlier part please refer to

In this blog i am trying to create a calculation sheet which can be used to figure out – if you go for a diesel car, when would you be able to recover the cost of purchasing the car – as to spending in petrol.

Government in india loves petrol. It is used generally by the middle class with small cars and 2 wheelers and who rarely vote. People who fall below the middle class mostly travel using public transport. And people who are above the middle class generally have long cars powered by diesel engines. The government finds it difficult to increase the price of diesel – due to the ripple effect it will cause in the price of food commodities and the overall inflation. So raising the price of petrol seems the only viable option – to cater to the loss due to subside on diesel and cooking gas – without effecting the government’s vote bank.

And ofcourse the amount of tax the government is able to make out of fuel is really good. How the tax amount is used – is a blind spot for the residents of india. We do not see any improvement in roads – jams are always there. It has been more than 60 years since independence and we still are struggling in providing the basic necessities like electricity and water to the general public. It seems valid that there should be a fine on the “government” for unable to accomplish what it has been promising for ages – food, clothes, electricity, water and home.

But lets focus on diesel cars. The new diesel cars from tata and fiat have really long maintenance schedules. Earlier older diesel engines need quick maintenance. Most petrol engines need a service in every 5K kms – or at max 10K kms. On the other hand diesel engines in tata and fiat need maintenance every 15K kms or once a year. This brings down the cost of ownership of diesel engines to a lot less.

Maintenance set aside, a simple table can be used to figure out how long it will take to recover the “extra” cost of diesel.

## Petrol Diesel Difference
1 Price per litre 71 41
2 average 14 12
3 rs per km 5.0714285714 (=B1/B2) 3.4166666667 (=C1/C2)
4 kms per day 100 100
5 car price 500000 600000 100000 (=C5-B5)
6 cost per day 507.1428571429 (=B3*B4) 341.6666666667 (=C3*C4) 165.4761904762 (=B6-C6)
7 Days to recover cost 604.3165467626 =(D5/D6)
8 Months 20.1438848921 = (D7/12)

As you see, with petrol and diesel at 71 and 41 respectively, and giving average of 14 and 12 respectively – the cost of owning a diesel car will be recovered in around 20 months (1.5 years), provided everyday run in 100 kms and the difference in price is 1 Lakh. Feel free to copy the info on an excel sheet and try altering the numbers to suit your needs and see when would you be able to recover the cost – if you intend to purchase a diesel car.

Carnation – is it really worth getting your car serviced there ??

Before I go ahead with a walk through of my experience, I would like you to answer some questions
1. Was the cost of your service at carnation higher than the cost of your normal service at your earlier service center?
2. Were some parts found to be faulty? Are you sure they were faulty?
3. Did you ever get a call asking for a feedback?
4. If you were offered tea/coffee and you said yes – did you actually get your tea/coffee?

Now for my experience.

It was one fine day that I decided that instead of going to my gm service center, I decided to go to carnation. I could say that it was a bad day because I did not know that I would be duped. So on 20th of November, i took my aveo for service at the Noida sector 63 service station of carnation.

Upon entry i saw that there are not so many cars there. Generally on a saturday or sunday, the service centers are heavily loaded. I thought that it might be better, because I would get better attention. I did not realize that this was due to the fact that most of the prople there are either too rich to care or first-timers like me. My car was taken to the workshop and examined.

They opened the bonet and showed me that the car has hit something due to which the fan is rubbing against some “lamda”. I would have to get a body work done. I was like hell. Cant you move the fan or twist the lamda. They told me that that neither can be done without hurthing the car. I was like… ok… You are the one who know more about the car. Upon delivery, i saw that in addition to the body work (pulling the front grill out), they have also moved the fan to the left — what? but they told me that this was not possible. So a simple “moving the fan” cost me 3000/-. I could have definitely avoided the body work.

Another mechanic came hopping around with his “light in mobile” and told me that the drive belt is faulty. It was totally dark and i was unable to see. I thought that he might be having “night eyes” like to owl to be able to see a fault in such a dark place. But then they showed it to me from below and it was really cracked up. I think that was what which gave me the confidence to trust(wrongly) in them.

Another mechanic hopped and told me that the suspention is leaking. The supervisor who was advicing me first told me that the suspention was fine. But then he looked at the mechanic and then back to the suspention and then according to him the suspention was faulty. It was leaking and should be changed. I should have said no. Now the new suspention which they have put in creaks like anything. I am not an expert and i do not know whether they have put in genuine parts or duplicate parts. They charged me around 2000/- for the suspension. I could have saved that.

And eventually the most absurd thing was when the supervisor told me that the disk brake pads were totally rubbed out. I was like – what? How can he see it without touching or opening them? Maybe they have a way which i am not aware of. I was like ok – replace them. They charged me 2000/- something for the brake pads and 500/- something for the labour. Now, by luck i saw them replace the brake pads. First of all they were not even 50% rubbed. And secondly it was a 5 minute job – just removing some screws, changing the brake pads and putting them back. I paid 500/- for this 5 minute labour job. And i am not even sure now whether they are genuine or not.

One another thing that they replaced was a bearing. The supervisor called me and told me that it is faulty and will not last for even 300 kms. I was like – ok change it. When i went to the shop and took the spare – he told me that it is faulty and i could feel the vibrations if i rotate the bearing. I felt nothing. Except for monetary gain, i am not sure why he changed it.

So, i would have gone to my normal gm service center, this service would have costed me 3000 (body work) + 2500 (brake pads) + 2000 (suspention) + 1500 (bearing) = 9000/- less. The service which was 14000/- would then be only 5000/-.

Now the question is why did I not feel that something was wrong – all the while they were duping me. The reason being that i am not a mechanic. I do not know what part will run and what will not run. Hell, i am not even aware of the location of all the parts. So, it is easy to dupe me. The second reason was that I wanted to get my car serviced by carnation – at least once experience what they have to say? In fact I should have drove out when they told me that the drive belt was faulty without even looking at it.

So, when did i realize that i have been duped? 1 week after the service, the car was as rough as it was before the service. That was when my doubt was confirmed that the service was not worth it. I had realized that i have been duped of a few parts. But 1 week after when the car was as rough as before, I took a look at all the parts. And then I realized that I have been duped.

What could i do? I sent a mail to regarding the fact that i was duped. There was one call where the lady called at around 11 am – and started explaining that the parts that they had changed were supposed to be changed. I told her that I was in a meeting and asked her to call back in 1 hour. I did not get back any calls.

When I get my car serviced at GM, I get a call after a week regarding how the car is performing – or if i am facing any issues. But I never got any such calls from carnation. I believe the business model that Mr. Khatter is following is of duping first-timers. They do not expect the people to return. If by mistake anyone does, he is worth duping again.

Here is the mail that I sent to I did not get any response though.


This is the first time i visited Carnation for servicing my car – Aveo 1.6 LT. For the past 4 years, the car was being serviced by the GM authorized service center in sector 8 noida. The average cost of my service for the past 4 years was around 3000/- per service. At carnation the cost of 1 service was 13800(something) It has been 10 days after the service and the car feels very rough. My previous experience is that the car becomes rough after almost 2 months – when i used to get my car serviced at GM.

5 parts were replaced and a body repairing work was done.

1. brake pads
2. shocker
3. spark plugs
4. drive belt
5. some bearing

Out of the 5 parts,
– the brake pads were fine – i have the old ones and they could still run for another 10,000 kms.
– the new shocker creaks a lot – i am not sure if they put orignial or duplicate.
– the bearing – looked fine to me – i am not sure why it was changed.

In addition to this the body repair for 3000/- was done, which was not required.
I was told that body repair was the only solution – i should have referred a local mechanic as well.

The personal experience was good – but i get almost similar personal touch at GM as well.

Would i get my car serviced at carnation again ?

Reason :
I am not a car mechanic. I cannot tell whether a part is defective or not, genuine or duplicate. The service is not good.
Parts are unnecessarily replaced – even when the current parts are in working condition and doing fine. The service is very expensive – and not worth it.

Service location:
Sector 63, Noida.

2 of my friends who have got their car serviced at carnation have similar feedback.

Jayant Kumar

This review is intended to prevent people from getting duped by carnation. People at carnation ask you for tea/coffee. But if you say yes, you would never get your tea/coffee. Have you noticed it?

Driving in Noida (Delhi/NCR)

Driving in delhi/NCR is a unique experience. Specially driving cars. I never realized it until i got a car of my own. Riding a bike is better.

I had driven a car for 5 years before i got a car of my own in delhi. But looking at the condition of driving in delhi, i asked a motor driving school to give me 4-5 classes of driving in heavy traffic and thru narrow lanes. And it was there that i came to know that he had tons of students like me. People who were back from the US and were unable to drive in the crazy traffic of delhi/NCR.

Well, let me tell you about a day driving to office.

8:35 AM – I am already late. Generally i wish to be ready to go by 8:25. 10 minutes before time and i avoid the 8:30 traffic. Well – anyways, i start my car and look behind (i have to do a back to get out of my colony), and there are cars everywhere. Slowly take a reverse and move a little to the left and a little to the right and finally get to put my car between a pole and another car. Now all i have to do is take a 45 degree turn and then another reverse and another 45 degree turn before i am through with driving in reverse.

8:40 AM – Wow, it took only 5 minutes to get going. Good timing. Now avoiding the bush to the left and the small open drain at the right, i drive and again avoid the car on the left and another on the right and am finally on the main road.

8:43 AM – Oops, am stuck on the first red light which appears 100 meters from my home. Actually, i am not supposed to stand at the red light, since i have to take a left which is free. But there are so many people, so many cars and bikes and cycles and rickshaws that they have blocked the complete road and unless they move i wont be able to access my “free” left turn. And i look around. A cycle goes by wriggling between cars and bikes. Another rickshaw tries to wriggle but the hole is not big enough for him. I just hope he does not scratch my car.

8:45 AM – finally out of the red light and am driving at speed of 50 – heading straight for another red light. And i see a bike coming from the opposite direction on the wrong side. I move a bit to the right to avoid him and a car whizzes by missing me by inches and blowing its horn.

8:47 AM – Another red light. And buses lined up against each other covering the whole road. Arent they supposed to be on the left most lane. cycles and rickshaws are coming from all the roads in the crossing. The red lights are not supposed to mean anything for them. They are free to cross and create a mess at the intersection. And i patiently wait for the light to turn green. And lo, the light is green. I move ahead and i am behind a bus and a rickshaw. The bus jumps ahead, but the rickshaw moves slowly and no matter how much i honk, it wont let me move ahead. The light turns yellow and the thulla’s eyes at the other end turns to dollars ($)($). But i manage to make it before the light turns red again. And the thulla turns sad. He catches hold of the car behind me.

8:50 AM – Another red light. After wriggling between cows standing between the road and 4 cycles (fast friends i believe) riding next to each other covering almost the entire road, and avoiding potholes and speed-breakers similar to small mountains, i am relaxing at another red light. The speed-breakers were terrible. They were not only meant to slow you down, but stop you completely – make you think twice whether they would scrap the car’s underside and then drive over them. And now i am looking at another red light. Tons of cycles and rickshaws ahead of me. Some cycles are balancing 3 people on them. That’s why circuses dont work in india any more. You get to see circus everyday on the road.

8:52 AM – The light turns green, but vehicles have not started moving. Oh, there is no thulla at the other end and the vehicles from the left side of the crossing are still moving across – even when their signal has turned red. Finally someone realizes and stops and my line moves ahead. The uncle in the santro ahead of me is on his cell phone and is blocking the whole road. He will either smash into me if i try to overtake him or smash into someone else. Better avoid him.

9:00 AM – Dropped my wife. Took a U-turn and am now rushing towards my office.

9:05 AM – Another red light. I respect it. There is a bus behind me. It starts honking. And now the bus conductor comes over and asks me to move a bit to the left so that he can move his bus ahead. What the heck, cant he wait for 1 minute till the light turns green and we all go. No, but he has to move 1 meter ahead of where he is now. No point in argueing, i move ahead.

9:10 AM – I am rushing. I will be late for office. Oops, there are bikes rushing too. Some from the left and some from the right. Bikes in india are meant to zoom, and thats what bikers do, overtake you from the left and the right. Another red light – and i am lucky this time – it is still green – i can rusht through. I give a right turn signal and move ahead – and ZOOOOM… a biker goes from my right side. I hit my brakes – trying to avoid crashing into him. Save a life.

9:12 AM – Now finally i am on the worst road on my route. Where there are more cycles and rickshaws that they cover the whole road. And there are cows in the middle of the road and cars coming from anywhere. I drive slowly. The driver behind me honks and then finally overtakes me from the left – pushing me to the right. I apply my brakes trying to avoid the car overtaking from the left and the car coming from the right.

9:17 AM – Now i am behind 2 rickshaws both trying to race. I honk, but both of them are SRKs. And are racing to win. There are cars and bikes coming from the other side and covering the road. I cant over take them. All i have to do is put the car in 2nd gear and just let the car move behind them. Another bike shoots by.

9:20 AM – The left turn to my office is near. Wow!! Honk for the people standing there to move by, so that i can drive on. They give me “The Eye” and then slowly move on. Hell, i am going to be late today.

9:24 AM – I am in front of the office and am parking. The guard tells me to move a bit ahead and then a bit left and then a bit right and then a bit back. And finally i am parked.

9:29 AM – I run and punch into the office…

Great na… If i had been on a bike i would have made it 15 minutes earlier.

Anyways, just hoping that when i return back home, there are no cars on the path to my parking place. And my parking place is still empty.


Where do i start from?? Ummm, well, I have got a new car – a chevrolet aveo 1.6 LT (limited edition). Pic below…

The question is why did i get an aveo. Why not any other car? First of all, i never wanted to get a small car. I could have got a santro or a zen or an alto or a swift (i would have preferred the swift). But i wanted my car to be loooong. The options that i had were

1. honda city
2. chevrolet aveo
3. ford fiesta (petrol & diesel)
4. hyundai verna (petrol & diesel)
5. hyundai ascent (petrol & diesel)
6. Maruti Esteem
7. Maruti Baleno

If you look at both comfort and mileage and ease of maintenance, the best car is maruti baleno. But i dont like the looks of baleno. Ummm, let me give you some chart for comparison. Which is available from any other site (try

First of all, i was confused between getting a petrol or a diesel car. Though theoretically diesel cars are supposed to be much stronger and last longer(you can refer to my earlier posts for info on this.), but the initial cost and maintenance cost of the car is high. So unless and until you have to drive more than 100 kms in a day, it is not advisable to get a diesel car. The diesel car is approximately 1.2-1.5 lakhs costlier than its petrol counterpart and the maintenance of the diesel comes to be about 3000-5000 Rs extra per year.

If I would have gone for a diesel car, the cost of the fully loaded car would go beyond my budget. I liked the fiesta diesel and the verna diesel. Though the turbo lag is very much pronounced in the verna, but the pickup and power of verna is too good. Since my daily run would not be more than 50 Kms, i decided to go for a petrol car. I could get a fully loaded petrol car for around 7.6 Lakhs. Where as if i get a fully loaded diesel car, it would cost me around 9 lakhs.

This narrowed down my list of options to

1. hyundai ascent viva crdi
2. hyundai verna xxi
3. ford fiesta 1.6 sxi
4. maruti baleno
5. honda city
6. Chevrolet aveo 1.6 LT

Again knocking out what i did not like. Hyundai ascent viva crdi – wonderful car at reasonable price. I could have got this car for 7.2 lakhs and saved on petrol also. But the point was that the crdi technology in this car is somewhat old.

Well, I dont like the “ass” of baleno, so that also gets knocked out. But baleno has the best average among all cars. Baleno would give you an average of 14 in city and 17 on highway. And the interiors of baleno is very classic.

So now i am left with 4 options. And this is the comparison chart i made.

Car Ford Fiesta Honda City Hyundai verna Chevrolet Aveo
Price 7,65,000 N/A (but 8L approx.) N/A (but 7.2L approx.) 7,00,000
Engine Technology Duratec i-DSI VTVT (Variable timing valve train) VGIS (Variable Geometry intake system)
Engine capacity (cc) 1596 1497 1599 1598
Power (PS@RPM) 101@6500 77@5000 103@5500 102@6000
Torque (NM@RPM) 146@3400 125@2700 146@3000 147@3500
Fuel system SEFI i-DSI N/A Sequencial Fuel Injection with 32 bit ECM
Turning radius (m) 4.9 4.9 5 5
Average (kmpl) 11 12 11 11
Length (mm) 4282 4390 4130 4310
Width (mm) 1686 1695 1695 1710
Height (mm) 1468 1495 1490 1505
Wheel base (mm) 2486 2450 2500 2480
Ground clearance (mm) 168 160 170 181
Music system 6 CD player with RADIO (no Mp3) Radio + CD/MP3 player with remote Radio+mp3+cd player (4 speakers) Alpine music system with CD+MP3+Radio (6 speakers)

After going through all the options thoroughly, i zeroed down on the aveo. Well why not fiesta – coz it is costly to maintain. Another point was the music system. The music system in fiesta is damn good, but it cannot play mp3s. Imagine creating Audio cds – 6 of them to play in car and they would carry around 60, maybe 70 songs. Whereas one mp3 cd carries more than a 100 mp3 songs of really good quality. And I can cut one whenever i like. And the biggest point is that the ground clearance of aveo is very good. If you drive a fiesta on a road with potholes and mountains, you can expect some scratching on its base. But with aveo, the chances are grossly reduced. Aveo has got all wheel independent suspension – much better to drive on indian roads. And the best part is that it is cheaper than the other cars.

The city is a piece of trash – no power all style. Verna is a also a good car, but the diesel version is a lot better than the petrol one.

Lets see how things go…

Petrol engine versus diesel engine

An engine is a lump of metal which makes the vehicles go zoom. Major types of engines are petrol and diesel. The engines required to run petrol and diesel are different because petrol and diesel are different types of fuel. Petrol is a highly volatile fuel and gets ignited very easily whereas diesel is comparatively heavy and dirtier fuel. We would be talking about 4 stroke engines only, the ones used in cars.

People who know me must be wondering why am I writing this article, i being a computer engineer. Hmmm, because, i am supposed to buy a car now and have been doing some research on them. The first question I came upon was whether a petrol or a diesel car. And, all i want to do is to share all that i have learned with you people. I am still unable to decide whether i should go for ford fiesta diesel or ford fiesta petrol, the petrol verson being a lot cheaper than the diesel version.

Lets start with what does a 4 stroke engine mean. It means that the engine has 4 strokes – inlet, compression, expansion and exhaust. Lets see stroke by stroke how both engines work

Petrol Engine

Diesel Engine

Inlet stroke
> In petrol engines the mixture of air and petrol is drawn in by the falling piston
> In diesel engines only air is drawn in by the falling piston

Compression stroke
> In petrol engine, the mixture is compressed upto about 1/8th to 1/12th of its original size.
> In diesel engine, only air is compressed upto about 1/14th to 1/25th of its original size.

Expansion stroke
> In petrol engine, the air and fuel mixture is ignited using a spark plug and burns expanding and forcing the piston down.
> In diesel engine, fuel is injected at a high pressure into the hot, compressed air in the cylinder, causing it to burn and force the piston down. No spark is required.

Exhause stroke
> In both petrol and diesel engines, the burned mixture of air and fuel is pushed out of the cylinder by the rising piston.

A diesel engine is also known as a “compression ignition” engine. Since the air is compressed to very high pressure raising its temperature and then diesel is injected in a very fine spray which causes the diesel to ignite and explode. Whereas a petrol engine is known as a “spark ignition” engine. Since a spark plug is required to ignite the mixture of petrol and air in the combustion chamber.

Diesel engine

Petrol engine

Lets also note down more differences of the same

  • A diesel engine is more easily turbocharged than a petrol engine. A petrol engine cannot be easily turbocharged due to the fact that if the compression ratio and the pressure in the cylinder is to high during the inlet stroke, the mixture starts to burn to soon, while the piston is on its way up. The diesel engine has no fuel in the cylinder, thus letting the turbocharger suck as much air as it can without creating any problems. (A turbo charger is a simple air compressor which compresses air in the combustion chamber for burning). Some diesel engines also have an intercooler which helps in blowing cold and oxygen rich air in the combustion chamber.
  • Electronic engine management not necessary in diesel engines. Some modern diesel engines are gaining electronically controlled injection pumps, but the vast majority of them out there have purely mechanical pumps. In fact no electricity is required to make a diesel engine run, except for a simple fuel cut off solenoid so that you can switch the thing off! If your alternator stops working, then you’re gonna get home in a diesel. This also means that a diesel engine does not have any ignition breakers, ignition coils, distributors and ignition wires to go bad. So a diesel engine should start no matter if it is dry or rainy or wet.
  • Petrol destroys lubrication and burns the engine whereas diesel doesnt. So a diesel engine would last longer than a petrol engine.
  • Petrol engines are lighter than diesel engines.
  • Diesel engines have higher torque than petrol engines. What does this mean? Well, this means that a diesel engine would pull heavy loads easily than a petrol engine. Though the pickup of a petrol engine would be much more than that of a diesel engine, the diesel engine would be steady and carry heavier loads to longer distances.
  • Diesel engines have better fuel efficiency as compared to petrol due to the fact that they have higher compression ratio.
  • Diesel engines dont need an ignition system, which reduces their complexity. But they are more noisy and may require frequent maintenance as compared to petrol engines. Also they are more durable.
  • Diesel engines may also need glow plugs in extreme cold conditions which heat up the cylinder so that a cold engine can start easily.
  • And now the most important part, fuel economy. Diesel wins in both ways. Diesel engines give better mileage than petrol engines and In india diesel is much cheaper than petrol. So running on diesel would make you go farther at a lower cost than running on petrol.

Even after writing all this, i am still undecided where to go. Should i risk taking a diesel engine hoping that the maintenance costs would be bearable. Well, lets c what happens…