Had a party at one of our collegue’s place. Name’s Udit. Lives at Rohini – north delhi. Me another collegue started off to his place on sunday around 10 am. And it took us 90 minutes to reach his place. And then we came to know that we had come by the looooong way. If we had taken the shorter route, we could have reached in 45 minutes. But whatever’s done is done…

Next we sat down in his room saw and heard his home theater system that he had plugged in, saw a few scenes from James Bond movies. Had some snacks.

Here is where the story actually starts. The snacks were really very good. We had french fries, potato smileys for veggies and fish fingers and chicken lolipops for non-veggies. And there was lots of mayonese.

I just love fish. I dont know why. May-be it is the way they swim in water….

In the mean time, people were still joining us. So the final group had me, deepak, sujith (we 3 roomies), amresh, noopur, amardeep and of-course udit. Had lunch at around 2:30 pm. There was dahi-vada (with nice fillings), rajma, mutton and nutri-palak. Food was gud. The way it was served was better.

The best thing was the ice-cream. I have never tasted any better ice-cream in my life. My guess is – it had – perk, biscuit, some dry fruits and lots of things. And the taste was just great. Wish i had not eaten other food so much, then i wud have just had a few more helpings with the ice-cream.

We finished off the party with a movie “Pyare Mohan”. Another of bollywood flops. But we did not have another option, since there was no other movie at that time worth watching. It is like the saying “in a desert even the cactus is a tree” or something like “Andho mein kana raja”.

Finally, me and my roomie – deepak rode back to our room at noida via his place at naraina.

Anyways, had a great time. I had a long drive on my bullet – something around 150 kms and around 3 hrs of drive in delhi. Just a wish that this would have been on a highway and then i wud have enjoyed the drive even more…

And i know that i am not that good at penning down these types of events. But am trying and with practice like this, some day i will be a gud event writer.

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